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Storage unit packing tips

The best way to pack your storage unit

The following information will help you get the most from self storage:

  • Please let staff know some general information about the items to be stored when reserving your unit. They’ll be able to advise on the right amount of space and also make sure you’re not storing items unfit for self storage
  • Decide if you want to have regular access to any of your goods. If so, these should be the last items you put into storage.
  • Identify your heaviest or fullest boxes, and put these with your bulky items in first
  • Clearly identify fragile goods, and make sure the labels can be easily seen
  • Storing sofas and mattresses on end, and stacking chairs pad-to-pad, will help you to minimise the amount of space you need. Ask our staff for advice on storing items this way…
  • Stack your boxes, maximising your space, from the back of the unit and fill your space methodically towards the front – don’t forget to use single items for filling gaps as you go
  • Take care to safely pack sharp edges or garden tools to avoid accidents. Outside equipment should be cleaned before storage, and lawnmower blades or cutting tools should be lightly oiled
  • When all your items are in, cover with a dust sheet to keep them clean and protected
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